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Who doesn’t love a good horror movie filled with blood, gore, and too many people alone in the woods, a college campus or a haunted house where the murderer is lurking behind an obvious door? This fall, the new comedy-horror drama, “Scream Queens” will debut about sorority girls fighting for their lives from a masked murderer, all during pledge week.  With new scream queens gracing the silver screen, let’s take a look at some of the most popular women in horror movie history who had us screaming and frightened in the theater.

Tiffany, Bride of Chucky:

Whether she was performing a resurrection of the doll, Chucky, or coming back to life as a doll herself, we were all scared of what type of stunt she was going to pull next, and it usually resulted in someone screaming.

Samara, The Ring:

A video of a young girl that causes everyone who watches it to die kind of makes you think that this is the real reason why they stopped making video tapes and switched to DVD’s.

Anna Wilkes, Misery:

A celebrity’s worse nightmare, when a fan becomes a little too obsessed and all of a sudden you awake to a girl like Anna Wilkes breaking your ankles with a sledgehammer. Heads up One Direction fans, we’re looking at you with this one.

Wicked Witch of the West, Wizard of Oz:

She’s the classic witch of all time and she’s absolutely wicked.  Let’s be honest, we all screamed when we first watched the Wizard of Oz and saw her appear out of thin air.  If the green skin didn’t make you scream, then her chilling voice and threats towards Dorothy (and her little dog too) surely did.

Jennifer Check, Jennifer’s body:

She’s a cheerleader, she’s beautiful, and she likes to eat boys.  Jennifer’s Body showed the terrifying way of how one girl can make a football player twice her size, a nice McDonalds meal from the dollar menu.

Regan MacNeil, The Exorcist:

If anyone says that they didn’t scream when they first saw how Regan’s head did a 360 spin or when they first heard that demonic voice come out of her mouth, they’re lying.

Carrie White, Carrie:

Who could ever forget poor Carrie White who only wanted to be asked to prom, but instead got a bucket of pigs blood spilled on her and then unleashed hell on everyone in town.  Makes you think twice about wanting to be the prom queen.

Esther, Orphan:

We thought cute and innocent Esther just wanted a nice family to be adopted in to, but when her murderer identity is discovered and her real motives are revealed the audience get’s the shock of their life and a physical reveal of what Esther truly looks like.  Trust me, that could scare anyone.

Who do you think if the best scream queen of all time?