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As a student, sometimes you just get tired of college. I mean yes, it’s great to have an education and to be working towards our future careers, but college is no picnic.  Between the waking up early hours, going to multiple classes in one day and the numerous amounts of homework, test, and projects, who wouldn’t get tired of it? If you agree with me, then these are the tell-tale signs that you too are just over college.

1. You have no urge to leave your room:

I mean for class, for a party, for food, or to see friends. Your whole existence is within the room and that’s all.

2. You daydream about dropping out of school: 

Obviously you’re not going to do it because your parents would probably come up to your school just to yell at you, but you just feel some type of happiness thinking that you could leave at any moment and never come back.

3. That 9 to 5 job is looking good:

Now this is an extreme. You’re so done that you are actually waiting for the chance to become a full-fledged adult who has a 9 to 5 job and wears business attire to work.

4. No extra credit will be achieved:

Even if you desperately need it and are close to the point of failing a class. You just can’t do extra work on top of the work you already haven’t done.

What are some other signs you’re over college?