Alright, so the dreaded day is arriving much quicker than I was expecting. And even though you feel like you’re the only one on the planet without a boyfriend, I promise you 100000000% you’re not. Not even close. So before you run to CVS to buy yourself your chocolates and box of Kleenex for your viewing of The Notebook and PS. I love you, check out these gifs that perfectly sum February 14th from beginning to end in the eyes of every single girl. Oh, and, you’re welcome.

You wake up, and Valentines day has finally arrived. Great.

tina fey happy valentines day

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Is it even worth getting out of bed? Not like you have a romantic dinner date planned.

new girls jess gonna die alone

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But wait, yes you do. Young Channing and Ryan are waiting for you to watch them in bed.

channing tatum shes the man

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ryan gosling the notebook

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After finding the motivation to get up, you walk outside only to see couples EVERYWHERE, holding hands and being all cute.


third wheel valentines day

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So back to your bed you go. And before you know it, your ex pops into your head.

And all of the hatred you have had for them suddenly turns into the best memories you’ve ever loved and cherished.

lauren conrad i miss you

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Enough with the ex. You send out a massive text to all your single friends…It’s time to go out.

In your head: hotness

spice girls makeup

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Reality: you don’t even leave your room.

girl code slumber party

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But ladies, don’t fret. There is someone out there for you. Don’t give up hope.

kristen wiig bridesmaids

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But in the meantime, I’ll let you share my valentine with me.



(GIF via Popcrush)

Happy Valentines Day girls! Lets keep on keeping on with that single girl swag.

And remember:

beyonce who run the world

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What are your plans for Valentines Day?