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Imagine if the voices of  Fiona Apple and Cyndi Lauper morphed with the musical styling of Prince, added a twist of Madonna, and then meshed with the bad@$$ nature of The Runaways. This hybrid musical child has actually happened, and her name is Sky Ferreira.  She may not quite be a household name (yet), but she is power female force not to be reckoned with in the music industry. Though she has been recording music since the age of 14 her debut studio album Night Time, My Time was released this past October, and it is mind-blowing. As an opening act on Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour she was given the opportunity to perform her synth pop/indie tunes to mega crowds at sold-out gigs, and has recently announced she will be headlining her own tour. You can bet I’ll be there.

Ferreira is my latest girl crush. I’m not quite sure how it started, or how I’ll get over the heartbreak, but I figure I should recruit some others to share my love. If you are not familiar with Ferreira here is a list of reasons why she rocks, and why you should join the I’ve-Got-A-Girl-Crush-On-Sky-Ferriera-I-Either-Want-To-Be-Her-Best-Friend-Or-Have-Her-Life-Club (IGAGBOSKIEWTBHBFOHHLC for short). It is the cool thing to do.

1. She’s Talented

Her music truly speaks for itself. The first time I really listened to her music I found myself blown away as I played song after song. Ferreira also prides herself on not limiting herself to one specific genre. She like singing along to pop music. She likes vibe-ing to indie tunes. She likes moving to dance hits. Although her album is dominate in synth pop and indie themes it reflects her eclectic musical taste by including elements of a large variety of music including acoustic songs. Here are a few of my favorites below, but I strongly encourage you to click here and listen to them ALL.

2. Her Twitter Game Is Strong

Sky Ferreira Tweet 3

It is 2014, and she still is keeping her options open for potential AIM screen-names. Smart girl.

Sky Ferreira Tweet 1

Sky Ferreira Tweet 4

Sky Ferreira Tweet 5

Coming through with the questions we all want answers to.

Sky Ferreria Tweet 2
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P.S: Her Instagram is pretty wicked too.

3. She Shares Her Music Playlists
Sky Ferreira Madonna Book

(Image via

I love when musicians share lists of their favorite songs. It is like the Queen sharing her favorite flavor of tea, or Barefoot Contessa sharing her favorite recipe that isn’t her own. You KNOW it is the best of the best. Click here to check out some of Ferreira’s playlists. They are beautifully unique and quirky (just like her).

4. She Dances Like…

Sky Ferreira Dancing 1
(GIF via

Sky Ferreira Dancing 2
(GIF via

And like that.
Sky Ferreira Dancing 3
(GIF via

And of course that intricate step.

 5.  She’s Bad@$$

Sky Ferreira Spider

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Exhibit A: ^^^^(That.Is.A.HUGE.Spider)
Exhibit B: While opening for Miley Cyrus she bumped her leg during her set and thought nothing of it. She was in pain, but wanted to continue to perform and just ignored the throbbing. Turns out she seriously sliced her leg and needed 60 stitches.
Exhibit C: Her grandmother was Michael Jackson’s personal stylist, and she sang for him when she was a young teenager. Michael then encouraged her to take singing lessons and pursue a music career. SICK.

2. Her lyrics

Blame Myself 1 Blame Myself 2 Blame Myself 3 Blame Myself 4
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Her lyrics are relatable like Taylor Swift’s, but just a tad (lightyears) grungier. Plus, how epically ’80s is she?

6. She’s Great Live


And there you have it- the skinny on Sky Ferreira. I hope you’ve now caught the Ferreira Fever, and if you have, I just want you to realize I blame, I blame myself.



Do You Listen to Sky Ferreira?

(Feature Image via Getty/Brian Killian)