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The Definitive Ranking Of Current Saturday Night Live Dudes

Clarissa Davies is your local cool girl. With her strong sense of determination and freshly pressed Hillary Clinton pantsuit, you will find Clarissa in office one day, or running one. For the time being, she is a Journalism and Media Communications major at Colorado State University. 

Zara DeGroot had a rough time in high school. She was looking forward to a fresh start in college, but with her One Direction anti-bullying school supplies, she got bullied. She pulled through and is now studying Journalism and Business at Colorado State University.

Saturday Night Live is one of our favorite shows. Not only has it been around forever, satirically documenting world news and poking fun at almost everybody in a position of power (no one is safe!!!), it is the home of, in our opinion, the most attractive men. This ultimately proves that humor IS a sexual trait. The SNL cast always shapes the season, and this season we were truly blessed with some good eggs. This week, we are ranking the male cast of SNL Season 41. Hopefully you agree.

1. Pete Davidson

Photo courtesy of NBC.

Photo courtesy of NBC Studios.

ZARA: Real cute. Being the youngest member of the cast probably has its pros. You can goof off and everyone will still want to pinch your cheeks! Pete is slowly becoming #1 in comedy and #1 in my heart. Too bad he has a GF 🙁 His type of humor is the best kind– super dry and highly relatable to youths and semi-youths worldwide.

CLARISSA: You cannot comPETE with this one! Though he may be 21, we must be reminded that age doesn’t define how funny you are. Do I laugh at Rush Limbaugh? No. Do I laugh at Pete Davidson? Always. You should all watch his stand-up comedy videos. They’re full of self-deprecation, angst and brutal honesty. Give Pete a chance. Like Zara said, the fact that he’s younger makes me imagine him being doted on by the cast. He’s like a puppy– you just want to take him for a walk and love him  until he squirms away. Pete seems like a squirmer.

2. Taran Killam

Photo courtesy of NBC Studios.

Z: Ooh Killam. I used to not be a fan, but he has since grown on me. Whenever there is a large group of people, there is always one obnoxious man who thinks it is his duty to take lead of the pack. I thought Taran was this at first, but I actually think he’s pretty funny and seems like a nice guy. I would not be surprised if he got his own Late Night show in the future.

C: Here’s the thing about Taran. He’s one of those people who you don’t like at first, but then they grow on you. Significantly. He may be obnoxious, but he’s great at what he does. They don’t hire bland people to be on the show, and Taran makes this even more true. He’s makes you ponder, “Hmm..I could marry him, but I would also like to hit him with a baseball bat.”

3. Bobby Moynihan

Photo courtesy of NBC Studios.

Z: There is no bigger Bobby Moynihan fam than this girl *points thumbs at self and raises eyebrows* He is the biggest honeybun and one of SNL’s greatest. Come on, he seems like the type of guy you’d want to get a hot dog with before a baseball game and laugh hysterically with for no reason. You’d spend Thanksgiving with your family and Christmas with his… I’m getting ahead of myself. Also we know someone who looks like him and my life was made when I realized it. If Bobby wasn’t on SNL, he’d probably give city trolly tours in Boston.

C: Bobby is the guy that seems to have been on SNL for years and never left. He always has this mischievous look in his eye. He’s played every role from Guy Fieri to Drunk Uncle. He embodies his characters and that’s what makes him special. He’s the guy who wants to be everyone’s friend. I wish he was mine.

4. Jay Pharoah

Photo courtesy of NBC Studios.

Z: There is no better comedian who could play Obama. He is versatile, hilarious and hot! *nervous laughter* All hail the real Pharoah! His smile says “Come closer” and “I may look like Chris Brown but I really prefer Ingrid Michaelson’s music.”

C: I don’t believe that his last name is really Pharaoh. There is no way. He is definitely cute, however, and seems like a good chap. Would I be wrong to say that I thought his Barack Obama impression is much better than Fred Armisen’s?

5. Kyle Mooney

Photo courtesy of NBC Studios.

Z: He looks like he belongs in an indie band who plays in the subway. His smile screams “I’ve seen things” and “I only drink unsweetened almond milk” because he probably suffers from lactose intolerance.

C: Indeed he does, Zara. But he also seems like someone who breeds rabbits for fun and is an only child.

6. Colin Jost

Photo courtesy of NBC Studios.

Z: I honestly don’t know what to say about Colin. He seems like a nice guy. Someone you’d want to bring home to your mom and bring to an Easter service or 80s prom. I think the problem is that my standard of Weekend Update, along with many other avid SNL viewers, is Seth Meyers and you honestly can’t beat that. Colin has potential and he makes the occasional joke, but he has yet to fully prove himself. On the other hand, he is a head writer on SNL and I am but a college student struggling in my Econ class.

C: I didn’t like Colin at the beginning. It was partially due to him replacing Seth Meyers, I suppose. Regardless, Colin is cute and seems like he would enjoy bouncy castles, just an observation. One thing I think he should work on is delivering his lines without cracking a smile. He’s one of those that will get better with time, plus everyone always eventually warms up to the new kid.

7. Kenan Thompson

Photo courtesy of NBC Studios.

Z: I take what I said about Bobby back — Kenan is the real honeybun of the SNL bunch. I bet he feels no other emotion other than joy. My favorite moment of his was his appearance in the iCarly and Victorious mash-up episode. He played himself, I think.

C: Like Bobby, Kenan seems to have been around forever. I think he just really loves SNL and doesn’t see it as a springboard to launch him into new prospects. Kenan is also a bundle of joy and he’s someone I can’t take too seriously. He seems like someone who never gets mad.

8. Beck Bennett

Photo courtesy of NBC Studios.

Z: Not funny, not a fan. That baby-man he plays all the time is the worst thing ever. But I will say he makes a impeccable colonial man. He first got his name out there when he stared in the “It’s Not Complicated” AT&T commercials with those little kids, so that’s cool I guess.

C: My first time seeing him was during  a skit where he pretended to be a baby that was also a boss. I thought it was a bit over the top. Not to mention he looks like an egg.

9. Michael Che

Photo courtesy of NBC Studios.

Z: You know when you eat a tortilla chip and are expecting that initial crunch but there isn’t one because it’s stale and almost cardboard? That is what I imagine Michael Che to be. He isn’t funny, but he has potential. We are waiting Michael. If he can land a job on Weekend Update, there is no reason why Lorne Michaels won’t hire me. Again, no one can live up to Seth Meyers’ Update days, so I think we’re all biased.

C: I’m still getting used to him; he just doesn’t seem overly funny if you know what I mean. He’s a bit bland, to be honest. Why did they hire him? I ask. He has yet to prove that he’s not bland.

So now you know.

 Who’s your favorite cast member from SNL Season 41?

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