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SOMM, a Samuel Goldwyn film written and directed by Jason Wise, revolves around the life of four men hoping to become Master Sommeliers.

What is a sommelier you ask? This title means becoming a wine professional. Not only does this involve blind wine tasting – identifying a wine by pure smell and taste – but also understanding the perfect harmony between food, beer, wine, and spirits. A certified sommelier must know and understand not only the chemistry of the drink, but also the theory, encompassing every aspect  such as culture, location, fermentation process, and more.

While you might initially think a career involving drinking wine all the time would be ideal, this movie soon puts the reality into focus. To ultimately be successful and taken seriously in this field, you must receive your Master Sommelier certificate which requires taking one of the most grueling examinations of our time. Did we mention only 186 people have been successful in the past forty years?

In the movie, you see four friends studying into the late hours of the night, empathizing with one another, and forming a bond like none other. If you thought your college finals were hard, just watch this movie. However, while the effort they put into their passion is astounding, so are their seemingly superhuman powers. You watch the protagonists, Brian McClintic, DLynn Proctor, Dustin Wilson, and Ian Cauble, describe the wines with incredible detail you never thought possible. Just watching them in action gives you a sense that something magical is happening.

Even if you aren’t really into wine tasting – or you simply appreciate its “mind altering” effects – we can guarantee this movie will NOT put you to sleep. The human aspect, the comradery,and even the build-up and anxiety while you wait to see who passes their exam is quite real. Ultimately, you will feel impressed by these sommeliers’ capabilities and wonder how exactly you can start teaching yourself to be even just half as good.

SOMM  is definitely recommended. If you’re in college, fresh out of college, or even graduated a while ago you are bound to find this movie inspiring and move you to pursue a career in the direction of your dreams even if it is the path less traveled.

SOMM premieres on iTunes and in select theaters today (6/21) so check it out!

Featured image via Santa Barbara Independent