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If you go to college far from home, you might have the struggle of making your own Thanksgiving plans while your family is across the country. Thankfully, your friend has invited you to their home so you aren’t stuck in the empty dorm rooms all weekend. Except now, the idea of spending Thanksgiving anywhere but your home feels strange. Now you feel like you’re intruding on your friend’s family time, and you have no idea what your friend’s parents actually think about you. So while you’re traveling home with a friend this Thanksgiving break, here are 14 things that happen when you spend your first Thanksgiving at a friend’s home.

1. Your new best friend invites you over for Thanksgiving since you can’t fly back home

YASSSS, you don’t have to sleep alone in the empty dorms.

2. You tell your parents

They’re happy you found somewhere to go, but they are also sad and miss you and want you to come home and wish you had time to talk more and have you been doing your laundry? Do you need toothpaste? How are your grades? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How much are you sleeping? Then you remember why you aren’t that upset to wait until winter break to go home. (Love ya, Mom)

on the phone

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3. Your friend tells you that five bajillion family members are coming

This can either be awesome if your friend has cousins your age, or lead to conversations about your major, which you still haven’t declared, and questions about why you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend

4. Your friend’s mom tells you to bring all your dirty laundry

Are you sure??? There’s at least two baskets of laundry, but if you insist!

5. You’re riding in the car awkwardly in the backseat while your friend updates the ‘rents on life these days

You add to the conversation when you know about the story she’s telling. Then continue to stare out the window.

6. As soon as you step foot into their home, you’re offered food

So much food and it’s not even Thanksgiving dinner yet!

7. The family dog has to sniff you, lick you, bark, and jump everywhere

And you’re jumping around too because YOU’RE SO DANG EXCITED TO SEE A DOG! Then you miss your dog.

dog jumping

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8. Thanksgiving Day is HERE! And you’re like, “I need to help you cook. Please.”

You never get this motivated to do dishes and cook at home, but you can’t just sit and watch.

9. Family is arriving and you introduce yourself as ‘friend tagging along for Thanksgiving’

“Hi, I’m ________, just here because I live too far away to go home this year.” Awwww, you’re displaced! Not really, but, um sure. So many awkward hello’s.

awkward hellos

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10. Then, a moment of realization that Thanksgiving is basically the same everywhere

Everyone is piling up the food. There’s football on the TV in the living room, but nobody is actually watching. Family is catching up. Mom is still getting ready and hasn’t eaten yet. Something gets burned. A little family drama. Then, dessert and more food.


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11. ‘Am I allowed to drink wine with dinner???’

Thoughts during dinner.


11 o’clock at night rolls around (or do the stores open earlier this year?) We’re going shopping now.

13. Your friend feels the need to show you every single spot in town

That’s my high-school, and that’s where we ate after school. Here’s where we went on the weekend. One time I got pulled over there. We had party at that house once. That’s where so-and-so and I went on our first date. We used to go there after football games. OMG we have to stop here.

14. When Thanksgiving break is over, it’s like leaving your actual family

And a hug for you, and a hug for you, and a hug for everyone!

hug me brotha

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Have you ever spent Thanksgiving away from home?

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