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Alright. Spring Break. Short post this week because, let’s be honest, most of my adventures seem to happen at other times of the year. It just works out that way. It must have something to do with the time of year or something. For some reason, my spring semesters never seem to compare to the fall ones. Consequently, I mainly use this arbitrarily week long vacation to see family and catch up on things; in no particular order: sleep, Terry Pratchett novels, video games, TV shows, and 50-page papers. Anyway, what happens if Spring Break falls in the middle of Lent? I wonder if this ever prevents people from getting their party on, or does this just mean that they choose their sacrifices strategically? Just curious.

Ummm… oh. I guess I do have a little bit of advice for Spring Break. Don’t save your 50-page papers for the one lonely little week when you should be relaxing. I did it in high school and I nearly did with my college thesis; I guess that means I learned a little about planning, yay! But it still made everything difficult. Especially since your friends will still pressure you into partying and drinking anyway (I met a professional breakdancer and learned a lot of things that I promptly forgot). I  also discovered that it is still possible to churn out several pages with a hangover. So yeah, don’t try to work during your vacation. You will never get as much done as you want to and will spend the last few days of it becoming overly familiar with the local Starbucks; on the third day, they remembered that I only drink plain coffee.

So. Best wishes for everyone, whatever you decide to do, whenever your Spring Break is. If you go home, spend some time with your family and try not spend every night partying with your high school friends. If you travel, try to come back eventually. If you stay at school, good luck with the 50-page paper.

Photo courtesy of Tyler Blakley.