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Your time at college brings around a mass of new experiences and habits. Let us ask you this: do you like coffee? Of course you do, you’re in college. You may be wondering how the addiction got to this point. Never fear, we’ve all been there, and most likely still are (sigh).


Let’s be honest- at this point you’re only drinking coffee to say you do. It’s mostly sugar that’s powering your study sessions, but hey, at least it’s delicious. You can’t say no to whipped cream.


This “coffee” thing may have some truth behind its powerful caffeinated abilities, but you’re still not super crazy about the taste. Starbucks knows and accepts that, which brings us to flavored lattes. Espresso and steamed milk never taste as good as when they’re masked by white chocolate mocha syrup. Compared to frappuccinos, these babies make you feel JACKED. They might not make you 100% ready for your 8 am lecture, but at least you’re not forming small drool puddles on your notes.

Coffee and Cream

Lattes still get you up and running, but now your dabbling has developed into a daily ritual. Your coffee pot is your new favorite toy, and the mugs keep getting bigger and bigger. What used to be this terrible, bitter liquid that you couldn’t understand the obsession behind has become your BFF. You even love the flavor (gasp).


Going out to your favorite coffee shop doesn’t involve lattes anymore, but the intensity of an Americano. Waking up without your daily dosage of caffeine simply won’t do if you plan on even getting out the door, and you find that you possesses the power to sleep soundly after all that caffeine.

Black Coffee

You’re not just part of the cult, you’re the dang leader. No cream or sugar needed, you love the taste and require the caffeine pulsing through your veins to function. Who are we kidding? You’re drinking coffee RIGHT NOW.

You can’t stop, you won’t stop, and we won’t ask you to. There’s a reason coffee shops do so well, right?

What is your favorite type of coffee?

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