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Wherever you are this summer, you might be hot. Let’s say worse case scenario–no AC, hot commute to work, heat wave, etc.–here are some tips on how to stay cool:

  • Always stay hydrated–a given! Drinking water will keep your body cool, but hydrate your skin as well. Get a spray bottle to keep by your bed, and if you don’t have ice in your freezer, get an ice tray and keep it filled at all times. Rub ice on your neck, lower back and behind your knees: these are places that will cool off your whole body with a touch of ice.
  • Take a cool shower–this will reduce your body temperature for a while and make you more comfortable.
  • Take your shoes off–if you usually sleep with socks on, or wear shoes and socks for work or even closed toe shoes, releasing your feet and touching them to a cool surface or getting them out of stuffy socks can reduce the temperature of your body
  • Close your blinds: if you are away at work all day and you get a lot of light into you room, leave your blinds closed while you’re gone so that your room doesn’t heat up throughout the day
  • Open your window and all the doors in your room. Heat may be trapped in your closet and will only make your room hotter so let the cool night air flow through your room
  • Get a small fan: with the window open and a fan on low, you can create a cool breeze through your room. DON’T leave the fan on during the day–it will heat up your room with its motor
  • Turn off unnecessary lighting that produces heat
  • If you work out outside, do so in cool hours of the morning
  • If your house is hot and you have to do work from home, go to an air conditioned cafe or bookstore or library
  • Sleep under just a sheet and with the least clothes possible


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Hopefully some of these tips work for you and spark some other ideas to help you cool off this summer! Think about the things that create heat in your home, whether its your own exertion of energy, cooking by the stove, or the material of your sheets and furniture.

How are you staying cool this summer?

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