Summer is here and it seems everyone I know is blasting country music, shouting “MERICA” and saying that country music is the only music of the summer. However, I’ve been raising my Australian flag and throwing shrimp on the barbie (they don’t really say that. They call shrimp “prawns” down there anyway.) Grab a stack of wet ones because I’m about to introduce you to your newest musical obsession: Sticky Fingers.

This five guy band from the land down under formed some years ago after bassist Paddy Fingers and singer/guitarist Dylan Frost met for the first time in what should be a fairy tale story. Frost was busking on a street alone, Paddy heard him and instead of dropping a few bills into his guitar case struck up a conversation about music. One thing led to another and with the addition of  Seamus (Hollywood), Freddy Crabs, and Beaker Best, Sticky Fingers was formed and the rest, as they say, is history.

Their names are anything but ordinary and neither are their tunes. They describe themselves as a “melting pot of reggae, psych, pop and bourbon”, and once you listen to a few of their songs you’ll nod your head and whisper “Ahhhh. Yes, yes they are”. Even the bourbon. Check out my favorite song of theirs, “Gold Snafu.” Rolling Stone may be calling “Problems” by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea the song of the summer, but THIS is mine:

Pretty good, eh? Yeah, the people of Australia think so too. Their debut album, Caress Your Soul, dropped in March 2013 and stayed in Australia’s top 40 for three weeks.  They are currently on a successful tour around the UK following being on the road in Australia (how about paying a visit to the States next, huh guys?). Their second album, Land of Pleasure, is set to release mid 2014, but I’ll happily replay tracks we already have over and over until then. Here are a few more of my favorites:

And I mean, just look at this rooftop performance. Chill tunes playing, wind blowing in their hair…what more could you ask for?


Follow them on Twitter for tour updates, video clips, and nods to their opening act, Bootleg Rascal, who are also quickly becoming one of my latest obsessions.


What do you think of Sticky Fingers?

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