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We’ve all scratched our heads a couple of times when it comes to paying student loans. Student debt is nothing to joke about and we all want to see the numbers decreasing as we’re paying off our debt, but why does it have to be so confusing?  Luckily, there’s a new hotline to help you! Activists and labor unions have come together to create a website,, and temporary hotline to alleviate the stress of searching for answers about student loan repayment on the U.S Department of Education’s website.

Natalia Abrams, a activist that works with activist group, Student Debt Crisis told The Huffington Post, “We’re saying to the Department of Education it should not be a group of borrowers and non-profit groups doing this,” Abrams said. “It should be the department providing this assistance to borrowers. There are so many people I talk to when they call that have never heard of income-based repayment, have never heard of loan forgiveness programs.”

Abrams said she wants to shed a light on the many options that are available to student borrowers.  Alerting borrowers about these student loan repayment programs can prevent students from being charged for free government programs by debt-relief companies. Options like, the College Scorecard and Financial Aid Shopping Sheet can help students choose the right college that fits their financial situation.

With the increase in student financial burdens, borrowers are now starting to be given the help and support they need to repay their student debt. In his announcement of the Student Aid Bill of Rights President Obama reminded us that, “”Every borrower has the right to quality customer service, reliable information, and fair treatment, even if they struggle to repay their loans.”

Will you use the website or hotline to help with your student debt?