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We know, we know, Christmas is for little kids, right? WRONG. If you’re being honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you were making Christmas lists for “Santa” in your teenage years. Remember those lists? You would ask for things like a new C.D., cool Forever21 shirts, and video games. Then you got to college, and no the Christmas lists didn’t stop, they just became… different — you know what we mean, right? That’s why we’ve rounded up what college students REALLY want for Christmas. Here we go:

1) Taylor Swift to pay our student loans.

Yep, there’s only one thing on the list because you realized after one semester at college that sure a C.D. could help you concentrate a little, and yeah, maybe a new shirt would give you an extra boost of confidence. But when you’re staring down a loaded Sallie Mae bill, well, you don’t really care about concentration or confidence. You care about the fact that you have $6.95 in the bank, and how your meal card has only enough money to buy two bags of Lay’s potato chips (the unsalted kind). Of course, you do find some comfort in knowing that your Nana will be sending a crisp $10 your way any day now for the ┬áholidays… But, just as your remember that, you get a notification email from Sallie. The subject reads: “Your Attention is Needed.”

Santa, we’ve been awfully good this year (primarily because we’re too broke to get into trouble), so please, won’t you grant our Christmas wish?

Who do you want to pay your student loans?