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Remember during the first day of school, and you look around and take notice of all the students in your class –  labeling them as the quiet one, the loud one, etc.? Believe it or not, those students are doing the exact same thing to you as well. But how do you distinguish yourself? Are you the studious one, or the student that’s always late for class? Find out with these descriptions of the typical student personalities you’ll find in every classroom.

The Shy One


We’ve all seen the shy student; it’s that person who sits in the corner of the classroom who doesn’t say a single word throughout the whole semester. The shy one tends to keep to themselves, but occasionally asks the person next to them a question (which is usually school related.)

The Obnoxious one


This is that person who always has something to say, every second of class. They’re extremely annoying and 9 times out of 10, whatever their saying is complete nonsense. This is the same person who interrupts other people and demands attention from the whole class.

The Nosy One


The title is self-explanatory – it’s the person who loves to get involved in other peoples drama. They feed off the gossip and struggle of another person’s life just so they have something to talk about. The nosy one is usually someone that is a complete stranger, yet somehow they think they’re entitled to hear about your business.

The Rumor Spreader


This person is a walking rumor mill; everything they see or hear, they’ll spread to everyone. To the rumor spreader, churning out gossip and telling other people is almost like a sport.

The Friendly One


Usually the nicest person in class who doesn’t have a problem talking to anyone, they’re vocal about certain things, but not crossing the threshold of being loud and obnoxious. This is person who you want to be friends with.

The Slacker


Ever see someone always sleeping in class, being late, and not caring? Yep that’s the slacker, they don’t care about school whatsoever, and they’re pretty much just there to party. The slacker barely pays attention in class and they simply wait for the class to end so they can go back to their dorm and sleep some more.

The Spoiled One


This is the kid who strolls through the front door with a $400 cellphone, $250 pair of jeans, and a $300 jacket. This is the kid who we love to hate because everything is pretty much handed to them and they’re always flashing their expensive stuff right in our faces.

The Studious One


This is the student who, even before you have a chance to raise your hand, has already shouted the answer halfway across the room. They are very focused in school and take studying very seriously. Their goal is to simply do amazingly and graduate with top honors and a perfect GPA.

The Baggage Claim


This is the student who’s crying in the middle of class because their boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with them, and they’re always letting everyone in class know what’s going on. They carry all their problems and drama to every class.

The Teacher’s Pet


This one is very clear cut – the teacher’s pet is basically always kissing the professors butt. They constantly shower the professor with praise which makes you want to slap them, and they’re usually the person who reminds the teacher to collect homework when the professor forgets.

The most important thing to remember about all of these student personalities is not to let them get to you. You’re never going to get along with everyone, but your experience in class can be better if you just laugh off the more annoying moments and do your own thing.

How many of these personalities exist in your class?