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Clarissa Davies is a sophomore Journalism and Media Communications major at CSU. She is currently planning world domination while trying to pass this math class, and forever wishing she was buried in a pile of warm, freshly laundered towels. On a good day, she looks like Jared Leto.


If you’ve ever considered studying abroad but are questioning if you should, or you want to and are looking for even more confirmation to go, this post is definitely for you.

 20 Reasons Why You Definitely, Most Assuredly Should Study Abroad In College


1. Expanding your mindset

Venturing outside of the United States is not only humbling, but it expands your mind to a different way of life. Experiencing cultures that are different than yours helps you to grow as a person.

2. Sightseeing

Now you’ll finally be able to see what you’ve only ever seen in textbooks, and often times they are even more impressive in person. You will see things that you have never seen or experienced before.

3. Expanding globalization

Globalization has its pros… studying abroad allows you to form connections and breaks down the barriers to those living in other countries. You’ll expand your (global) networking!

4. Food

Nothing sounds better than eating real pizza and gelato in Italy (all I am imagining right now is Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love), brats in Germany, or a true English breakfast in England, am I right?  The possibilities are endless. Imagine all of the cultural staples and delicacies that you will get to eat (and eat, and eat…). Expect to come back 15 pounds heavier and happier *loosens airplane seat belt*

5. Meeting other people

You will make new friends, with both those who study abroad with you, and those people you meet randomly on the train or underground. You’ll be open to these new people who may change your life.

6. Studying what you love in a new environment

What better way to enhance your studies than to study in a new environment? The library and your dorm definitely get old, but imagine sitting on a cliff, in an old castle, library or coffee shop in a foreign country doing your work instead. Plus, add the possibility of an attractive foreigner there too.

7. Getting out of your comfort zone

Being forced to communicate in a language other than English, struggling to figure out the bus and subway system, or getting lost in a museum are all life skills. Being out of your comfort zone expands your mind.

8. Being resourceful

Sometimes you won’t have your phone on you. Sometimes you will run out of cash and you’ll be stuck in a location where you feel totally lost. But you will survive and make it out alive, because you’ll learn to be resourceful with what you have to work with.

9. New experiences

Now is your chance to go cliff diving, slide down a waterfall, eat interesting cuisine… the list goes on. This is one of the core reasons why you should travel.

10. Life-changing events

In the words of Gandalf the wizard and Bilbo the hobbit from The Hobbit, “Gandalf: Well, all good stories deserve embellishment. You’ll have a tale or two to tell of your own when you come back.” Bilbo Baggins: ” …Can you promise that I will come back?” Gandalf: “No. And if you do… you will not be the same.” Although, I can almost assure that you will return.

11. The dent in your wallet with be worth it

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a plane ticket and contribute to new experiences. So in a very broad sense, it contributes to your memories and happiness, making studying abroad a worthy expense.

12. Photo ops

Imagine all of the photo opportunities that will present themselves.

13. Memories

You’ll be old a gray, and say, “Remember when I was young and went to (so and so)? That was the best time of my life.”

14. Looks great on a resume

AGAIN, it adds to your experience and shows that you’re cultured and not afraid to face new challenges, making you a better candidate.

15. Living on less

It can be humbling and you’ll learn to appreciate what you have. Haven’t showered in a week? That’s fine. Slightly starving? You’ll be having too good of a time to care.

16. You will still get your credits

Talk to your adviser. With proper planning, you will get your school credits.

17. Growing your skills in confidence, people skills, independence

Who doesn’t want to be a better human?

18. Applying what you learned and saw in books to real life situations

You look at pictures of the Colosseum, Big Ben, The Louvre etc. in textbooks every day. You want to see it in the flesh? Now you can.

19. Learn things you never knew previously

You will learn new things about yourself, too.

20. You get to immerse yourself in another culture completely, and you may even pick up some of their language. And you may find that you really enjoy it.

I hope you’re convinced. YOU MAY NEVER DO SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THIS IN YOUR LIFE AGAIN, EVER. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE WHAT THE WORLD OFFERS NOW. So, go to the study abroad office and get your passport because adventure awaits!

 Where do you want to study abroad?