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We spend a lot of our work day on Twitter (Follow us o@SurvivinCollege!) and one of our favorite things about tweeting all day is finding cool links from the college blogging sphere. Confession: sometimes we get so deep into the Interwebz that we forget how we got there in the first place. One link leads to another, and, well, you get the gist. Hey, everyone deserves a study break now and then, right? These are our favorite links of the day, found in the tweets of our favorite people/sites. What better way to wrap up the day than another excuse to procrastinate?

Harper Honey:The Epic College Shopping and Packing List”


Going to college next year? Transferring? In any case, you’ll need to pack. Good thing Harper Honey has you covered with her ultimate shopping/packing list! A must read.

Thought Catalog: Eleven Fantastic Tweets by Roger Ebert

In sad news today, everyone’s favorite film critic Roger Ebert passed away today. As a quick bittersweet memorial, Thought Catalog reposted an old piece they wrote on his hilariously awesome tweets. He will definitely be missed by all.

Her Campus: Quick Fixes for 6 Interview Disasters


Job interviews aren’t always going to go 100% smoothly, and Her Campus knows this, so they’re here to save the day! Here’s how to fix those disasters.

HackCollege:¬†“8 Steps to Finding An Awesome Landlord”

Ready to move into a new apartment or a new city? HackCollege has your guide to finding the best possible landlord. Perfect.

Check back every day for more Study Break links!

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