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We spend a lot of our work day on Twitter (Follow us @SurvivinCollege!) and one of our favorite things about tweeting all day is finding cool links from the college blogging sphere. Confession: sometimes we get so deep into the Interwebz that we forget how we got there in the first place. One link leads to another, and, well, you get the gist. Hey, everyone deserves a study break now and then, right? These are our favorite links of the day, found in the tweets of our favorite people/sites. What better way to wrap up the day than another excuse to procrastinate?

Her Campus: Sorority Life, As Told By Disney Gifs


Sorority life is an interesting experience. One that can, apparently, only be told through Disney gifs. Her Campus has realized this fact, and has done so flawlessly. The ins, the outs, the ups, and the downs – all Disney.

Mashable: Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire vs. Kim Kardashian


This has absolutely nothing to do with college and damn it, we don’t even care. Everyone said Kim K at the Met Gala looked like a sofa, but the truth has come out. Mrs. Doubtfire wore it first. And better.

USA Today College: “5 of The Most Employable College Majors”

If you’ve majored in one of these 5 areas, you’re in luck. You may not be guaranteed a job immediately upon graduating, but USA Today College says that these are the most employable majors. Check it out!

Hack College: “6 Summer Sorts: Which Type Are You?”

According to Hack College, there are 6 types of college students during the summer. Some are lazy, some are workaholics, others just want to rage face. Which one are you? Maybe you should strive for a healthy combo…

Check back every day for more Study Break links!

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