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We spend a lot of our work day on Twitter (Follow us @SurvivinCollege!) and one of our favorite things about tweeting all day is finding cool links from the college blogging sphere. Confession: sometimes we get so deep into the Interwebz that we forget how we got there in the first place. One link leads to another, and, well, you get the gist. Hey, everyone deserves a study break now and then, right? These are our favorite links of the day, found in the tweets of our favorite people/sites. What better way to wrap up the day than another excuse to procrastinate?

Thought Catalog: “Spring Broken: A Spring Break Itinerary For Adults”

We all know what spring break is like for college students, but what about when you’ve already graduated and moved on? Spring break as an adult just isn’t as glamorous. Thanks for the (hilarious) reality check, TC.

Everyday Health: “4 Hangover Cures Put to the Test”

Hangover Remedies Everyday Health

Spring break means alcohol (sometimes in mass quantities… Please be responsible!) and alcohol means hangovers. Good thing Everyday Health has these hangover cures!

College Candy: The Ultimate Spring Break Playlist

College Candy Spring Break Playlist

Nothing makes spring break more fun than an awesome Spotify playlist! Thanks, College Candy, for making one that includes “No Diggity” and Ke$ha (which no spring break playlist should go without.)

USA Today College: “4 Reasons I Gave Up The Traditional Spring Break”

Hey, who said you have to get drunk on the beach during spring break? Sometimes a relaxing break at home by yourself is all you need. Here’s why, from USA Today College.

Check back every day for more Study Break links!

Featured photo credit: H is for Home via photopin cc