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Last year was my first year living on campus and my first time ever having a roommate, sure I used to share a room with my sister for a couple of years when I was younger, but I don’t think that really counts.  It’s difficult having a roommate when you’re used to having your own room, especially when it’s a roommate you don’t even know.  Lucky for me, I loved my roommate.  We had similar interests and made each other laugh, she was awesome.  My suitemates were great, too.  If you’re like me, and lived with roommates, check out this list of things that roommates do and think.

1.  You get so excited to have a roommate and plan on being best friends with them forever.


2.  You go to parties together.


3.  Sometimes you might think they’re dirty for not washing their dishes


4.  On lazy days you like to chill and watch movies together or not on lazy days when you just feel like procrastinating.


5.  You probably eat together, too.


6.  You talk crap about people with them


7.  You experience good times and uh, sloppy times with them


8.  Sometimes your roommate eats your food and it PISSES you off


9.  You may ask yourself why you didn’t just pay for a single


10. They may touch your stuff and that really grinds your gears too.


11.  You can’t stand their boyfriend


12.  But they usually give you a heads up when he’s going to be sleeping over, thank God.


13.  You make some great memories with them, like hating life and studying together.


14. You might not like their friends


15.  But you and your roommates have some epic dance parties and they may drive you crazy, but you can’t get enough of them.


 Do you love your roommate?

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