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Most of us start every summer with big plans. Without classes sucking up the hours in the day, we’ve promised ourselves to do all the warm weather things we’ve waited for all year. That means barbecues, picnics, happy hours and drive-in movies are all in the cards. This considerable block of free time also means we have the opportunity to get back into shape and shed the extra pounds we gained while away at school (courtesy of Bud Light and our campus dining halls).

Are you currently scratching your head, realizing that it’s almost August and you haven’t been on a single run yet this summer? Oops. Don’t fret, though. There’s still time to squeeze some healthy goodness into the last weeks of your vacation. We’re showing you how to feel as well as ever with these healthy summer trends.

Flavored Ice Cubes

summer health trends

(Image via Whole Living)

Make these refreshing ice cubes and add them to any drink. All you need is an ice cube tray and a couple of fresh ingredients and you’re set to whip up these cute and colorful cubes. They’ll encourage you to keep hydrating through those high temperatures!

Outdoor Workouts

summer health trends

(Image via HD Wallpapers)

You may not be an Olympic beach volleyball player, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your workouts outside. Check out Prevention Magazine’s guide to the 13 best outdoor workouts for summer exercise ideas. A sunny sweat session in the park beats bumming it on the couch any day (ok, most days).

Mason Jar Salads

summer health trends

(Image via Well + Good NYC)

Did you know that Mason jar salads are a thing these days? Yep, layering your green ingredients for an on-the-go meal is a healthy must. Check out this comprehensive roundup of Mason jar salad recipes from The Huffington Post for unending ingredient inspiration.

Incorporate these three healthy ideas into your remaining weeks of summer break to feel like you balanced out those after-work — or, let’s be real since you probably aren’t getting paid, after-internship — happy hours.

What healthy summer trends are you trying?