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No, this is not some odd version of a shipping nightmare where I take pictures of how to awkwardly pack a suitcase so that you can fit as much as possible into it.

cat suitcase

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For any of you who follow my posts though, you’ll know that my idea of traveling is driving between two cities that are about two hours apart. That’s sort of my limit, you know? I want to be within two hours of my blanket. I’m just committed like that. So here’s a glimpse inside my head in the form of a list of the worst things that you can forget to pack when you’re off to <insert amazing place here>.

1. Deodorant

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SEND. HELP. Not only will you be rid of your tried-and-true brand and scent, you will be forced to navigate the alleys of a foreign city to go through the trial-and-error process of finding a new deodorant that works (almost) as well as the one you left behind. Here, have a hug (after you find that new deodorant).

2. Your stuffed animal


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Besides the fact that it is adorable and warm and cuddly and basically your best friend in the entire world, you won’t be able to sleep without your favorite stuffed animal. Especially in strange and/or questionable living quarters, you’re going to want some comfort. While your friends are great, I don’t think they will appreciate being squished into oblivion.

3. An open mind

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It would be unfortunate to travel to another part of the world and experience another culture only by deeming it better or worse than back home. Embrace differences instead of judging them against what you’re used to. People between cities have different habits, so it’s no surprise that people across the world have different habits too. Take it in!

Where are you headed this summer?

Featured photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn via Flickr (CC-BY-ND-2.0).