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So, school is out for the summer and we have all dispersed to our respective cities, jobs, summer schools, and vacation spots. Sure, summer is a time for productivity (heck, it’s always a time for productivity), but no matter what we’re up to, summer vacation seems to be a time for our friends.

Here’s to our high school friends, who make our phones go off once a year at the beginning of summer vacation and want to catch up. Being in different cities mean that you guys don’t get to hang out much during the school year, but coming home for the summer reminds you of each other. You find yourselves in our old hangouts, stirring up trouble for old time’s sake.

Here’s to our college friends, who end up in the same city. You see each other constantly for 8 months and you probably spent all of your exam season studying together (or wasting time together), but you are experiencing school-withdrawal and demand to see them anyway. More trouble is stirred up, just because.

Here’s to our family friends, who may or may not be extremely close to us. We’re scattered in different cities throughout the year, so summer is the time to get together. Family events are bound to happen, so you’re going to see each other eventually. Here’s to surviving awkward family get-togethers.

Here’s to our best friends, who never leave our side. (Literally, my phone is always attached to me.) They’re always around, be it in-person or on your phone, and they’ve been there for those late nights and early mornings. You’re having a breakdown at 1 am? No problem. You have no time in your schedule? Jokes, you just made time. This is some next level Batman-and-Robin friendship.

Let’s not forget about all of the new friends that we’ll make this summer through all of our summer shenanigans. So to sum up, summer vacation will be full of reviving connections, maintaining connections, and making new connections. Cheers to that!

How will you be spending your summer vacation?


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