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Yesterday, the video of the day on CampusRiot was an instructional video from Grace Helbig teaching us all how to talk like a teenager. Now, I haven’t been a teenager for a few years now, so I will admit that I am not hip on the lingo. I was happy that Grace was teaching me how to be cool again. Her video didn’t come without inspiration though. No, she uses the Youtube reality series @SummerBreak as the tool to teach us how to talk like teenagers. After her description of the series, I knew that there was a hole in my life that needed to be filled. So I went to look up this @SummerBreak.

summerbreak whitney twitter

The series is in its second season. Yes, last summer this gold was being put on the internet every single day and I had no idea. It follows a handful of Los Angeles ~*~cool teens~*~ during their, yep you guessed it, summer break and the trials and tribulations that come from being a teen-aged sack of hormones.

Season 1 has 51 webisodes that run from 2-20 minutes long and I watched all 51 of them in one day. It was like a drug. I was immediately addicted. “Are they speaking English?” I asked myself on more than one occasion. “Why do they grill so much? I never grilled this much in high school.” I muttered as I watched episode after episode. It’s like if smartphones and the social media platforms we are addicted to today existed while they were filming Laguna Beach. But better. It’s like watching an explosion in slow-motion set to some really emotional ’80s synth ballad. It’s like being invited to the party that the shiny-haired popular girl from your grade is throwing but not actually having to talk to anyone there. It’s incredible and fascinating but also absolutely terrible. The perfect cocktail to accompany¬†procrastination and binge watching.

summerbreak lena

The kids featured in the series are obviously very well off. They have nice cars and they go on trips to Catalina and Big Bear and San Francisco at the drop of a hat and lounge on boats and stay in nice hotels. This was not my high school experience. I am so glad this was not my high school experience. However, despite their affluence these teens are just normal kids. They make out with the wrong people, they get in fights with their friends, they have insecurities and vulnerability and we get to watch it all. There is something very relatable about¬†them despite them not seeming very relatable. The way the girls make up new terms so they can talk about hot guys without people knowing what they are talking about; I feel that. The boys have this little hand thing they do with each other and say “sprinkle me” and it is so lame it brings a huge smile to my face and a single tear to my eye.

summerbreak cast

They have very deep and incredibly interesting dialogues about things that are not very deep and interesting like social media. How much liking on Instagram is too much liking on Instagram? (They can tell you.) You should never subtweet your homies, etc. One of my favorite dialogues happens between two of the male teens Kostas and CBass about donut holes. There is a kid name Zaq. With a q! An actual q! Are you Samo or Pali? I don’t know! I don’t know what that means! I think they are schools! This show is so great!

If you are looking for some mindless entertainment, I highly recommend watching @SummerBreak. You could not pay me to be a teenager again but that doesn’t mean I’m above watching a web series devoted to teen drama. I know you aren’t either. If you don’t watch the show, then at least check out their tumblr. It’s a beautiful, beautiful, hot mess and everything you would expect it to be (overly filtered sunsets, pictures of fruit out of context, you get the picture.)

Episode 1 of Season 1 is below. You’re welcome and I am also sorry.

Have you seen @SummerBreak?

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