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Ooh, the sound of the waves and the splashing of water. These are the stuffs that surfers answer the call to.

Let us admit it: surfing is a transcendent experience. But being a California surfer? That carries a heritage.

Every Kind of Wave

When you are surfing in California, you’re going to face a variety of breaks. And that is just an understatement. From big waves to point breaks, even sand bars, life altering lefts, and epic rights – name it, California waters have it. Even the Kelly Slater’s perfect wave.

Surf Culture

Surfing could trace its roots from Hawaii. The origin of surfing comes from the Polynesians of Hawaii. These people has a valuable relationship with the ocean that was deep and spiritual. Long after – Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and other several places have added something to the awesome world of surfing, yielding us a beautiful global culture.

Still, California boasts of the birth of surfing in pop culture. With media power during the 60’s, California set the tastes, fashions, and the overall look, which even made influence into later decades. Even if the bigger surf companies are now international, the infamous California “bleach blonde surfer look” and the lingo to go with it are all still “a thing.”

Moreover, California is a surf-inspired music hotbed. Familiar with The Beach Boys, Sublime, Dick Dale?Even the recent fascination the hip hop world has with surfing in the west coast has been boosting, which just proves how surfer’s culture has woven fairly fine.

A seminal movie like Gidget proves that films can be truly influential. So many others films through the decades have both exposed and shaped the industry and lifestyle of surfers. And that all truly started in California.

Surfers’ Safety

In relation to some other surfing hotspots around the globe, California is low on the list of shark attacks and fatalities.


Have you ever tried surfing in California? Share us your experience!