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Xavier Veccia is an SC Campus Rep at Ohio University

The semester is coming to an end and what should be an emotional time where students say good-bye to their classmates for the next four months becomes non-stop stress fest thanks to, you guessed it, finals. The insanely important tests and projects become the center of your entire existence for an entire week, consuming every second of your life. While finals are going to be pretty stressful no matter what, there are ways to make it slightly less unbearable. So, here’s how you can survive finals.

Don’t Seclude Yourself


It seems most people think studying should mean building a wall between themselves and the rest of society. But that doesn’t have to be the case. While it’s probably a bad idea to attempt studying with every member of your friend group, it might not be a bad idea to bring along one or two people to study with you. If they’re the right people, they’ll keep you on track and, if they’re in similar classes, they might even be able to help you out.

Take Breaks

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Once again, you can’t go overboard with this, but a half an hour walk or a small amount of socializing every few hours should be enough to keep you from going insane.

Listen to Music

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I might be biased since music is my favorite thing, but I promise it helps. In fact, I enjoy this part of finals. You know that one album you’ve been meaning to listen to for awhile? Why not listen to it while going over your history notes? It’s a way to be productive and enjoy yourself at once.


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I can’t stress how important this is. Studying is pointless if your mind isn’t healthy enough to retain it.

Plan Ahead

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Come to the library prepared for what’s ahead. Bring all the materials you, design a plan to keep you on track and camp out for a bit. Organization is a vastly underrated tool.

Appreciate It

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You could do this in the “I’m just lucky to have this opportunity” kind of way, but that’s just boring. I’m talking about taking a step back and appreciating the insanity of it all. Finals are weirdly one of the biggest bonding activities for a campus. Sure, it’s miserable, but every one is miserable. And isn’t that kind of endearing?


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Just do it.

How do you survive finals?

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