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Zara DeGroot is a lover of autumnal candles, expert in petting puppy ears, and winner of the RMCA 8th grade Most Improved at Math award. One time, someone mistook her for Rob Kardashian. She is a sophomore Journalism and Media Communications major and a Business minor at CSU.

Here in Colorado it’s either 90 degrees with sweat dripping down your spine or -8 degrees with icicle formations in your throat. At least that’s how it seems. This is Colorado’s seasonal pattern. *sighs and looks out fogged window* We have now entered the time of year where we must adjust our raccoon tail hats, secure our snow shoes, and brave the blistering winds to get to class.

Your toes will never be warm, your nose will be perpetually runny, and you will feel like an ice cube, and not the rapper. But, every cloud has a silver lining. Cold weather means warm cuddly men with rosy noses and cheeks bundled in sweaters and coats. *gives a toothless grin* Or for readers who fancy the women, we too are bundled in cozy sweaters and coats, waiting expectantly for our Kristoff to warm our hearts and melt our iced-over hair strands. As unglamorous as I’ve just made winter weather sound, the cold can be kind of nice. Or not. *hikes up long johns and slides on fleece face mask*


Here are some tips for waging the war on the cold here at Colorado State University:


1) Dress in layers

Layers… onions have layers. And they are probably more warm than you are. With cold weather comes the opportunity to ¬†alter your wardrobe for a few months. That dumb turtleneck your mother bought you back in the winter of ’08 may come in handy. Wool-lined leggings are a thing. Beaver fur hats have never gone out of style. One-piece snow suits need to make a comeback. Layer it up. Stay warm.


2) Have a hot drink by your side and in your hands always

Not only do hot drinks serve as warmth for your soul, they can keep your fingers from falling off. You don’t necessarily have to drink that $5 peppermint mocha, just hold onto it to defrost those frozen phalanges. Maybe order two before your trek across campus next time.


3) Take shortcuts through buildings

If you plan it just right you won’t have to be in the cold for very long whilst moving from class to class. Dodge in and out of buildings to avoid the harsh elements and those relentless loiterers.


4) Forgo previous attempts at looking cute in the morning

What’s the point of putting on your face and wig when it will be blown off by the winds?


5) Refrain from texting while walking

Hell hath no fury like one who can’t text fast enough due to frozen thumbs. Save yourself the frustration and shove your hands in your pockets and focus on keeping your goal: getting to class with moveable limbs.



6) Do not expect snow days

Our fearless leader Tony Frank will most likely never call for a campus snow day, so don’t expect one. However, there are some kind teachers out there who will cancel class due to freezing weather. These should be cherished this times.



7) Be careful on the roads

Self explanatory. It is time to put away your roller blades and pull out the dog sleds. Be cautious and safe out on the roads!




How do you survive the winter at CSU?

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