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I don’t know where you live, but there’s a heat wave going on where I live and it’s not pretty.


That’s pretty much what I look like right now, but it’s okay, because everyone looks like that right now. There’s basically no escaping the direct sunlight, the humidity, the sweating, the dehydration, and the sluggishness. So what do you do when you just can’t beat the heat? You find air conditioning, and you stay there.


Of course then you have to wear a sweatshirt during a heat wave, which makes you look like stupid.

Basically, when it comes to heat waves, you just can’t win. Once the temperature skyrockets past 90 degrees and the humidity levels are almost matching, everybody loses. The only way to make it through an extra hot summer is to have a sense of humor and be able to laugh it off. (A working AC that doesn’t turn you into Mr. Freeze helps too.) So, let’s just take a few minutes to laugh about all of our heat wave problems. Besides, before we know it, it’ll be 30 degrees again and we’ll be sad that summer’s over — that’s how the vicious cycle works.


How to beat a summer heat wave:

1. Switch to iced coffee already!


I know you need caffeine to make it through your  day. I get it bro, but listen. It’s hot outside, and drinking iced coffee is the only way to go. Switch up your Starbucks order. Just don’t walk around with a hot latte in your hand, because you’ll look stupid and you’ll feel worse than you already do.

2. Use it as an excuse to flirt

summer heat take off your clothes someecards

Heat wave season means it’s also tan and bathing suit season. Use this moment for maximum flirting potential and you might even score with that hot chick or dude you’ve been eyeing all year! Just uh, maybe towel off before you talk to him/her? You’re looking a little sweaty…

3. Ditch the hipster hat, okay?


Need I say more?

4. Relax (well, only if mom’s okay with that…)


It’s way too hot to get anything done. You’re better off just lounging around, soaking up all of the air conditioning and staying glued to Netflix. It’s not like you have a job, anyway.


…Okay, well, with that logic, I guess you’re employed. Kind of.

5. Have fun anyway (just drink plenty of water)


You’re young and beautiful. Day drink, go to some pool parties, hit up the beach. Get out and do something fun with your equally young and beautiful friends. Some day you’ll be too old for this s***!

6. Play video games (because what else are you going to do?)


Realistically, unless you’re going to some sort of aforementioned pool party/day drinking/beach event, you’re not going to have anything else to do, so you may as well just get to playing video games. Maybe you can get it out of your system before the fall semester and actually be productive when school starts! (Haha, just kidding.)

Stay cool, my friends!

All images via Someecards.