When you first join Greek Life at your school, you may not know what to expect. At least I know I didn’t. Here’s the step by step process on what to expect when you first join a sorority, told by GIFs.


Going through the recruitment may be one of the most overwhelming processes. The amount of girls you talk to is probably a little ridiculous, but all you have to do is get your “girl flirt” on. By the end of each night, your head will be spinning.

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Bid Day

By far, one of the most exciting and nerve wracking days. Once you get your bid, you’re so excited and all the girls are so excited to have you, you just don’t know what to do with yourself. You will most likely be called the new babies and have a million cameras flashing in your face. But try to stay calm and cool and not do this like you secretly want to do:

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Big/Little Week and Reveal

Big/Little week is basically Christmas spread out over a week. And your only thoughts are “My big knows me so well! How is she doing all of this?!”

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Then at reveal, you’re just so excited you can’t even contain it so you run to your big like:

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Meeting Everyone

Learning everyone’s name is a struggle and a challenge, at first you try stalking people on facebook and making the connection of whose friends with who. But it’s like you need a study guide for the questions like “Whose her big?” and “What’s her position?” It can give you a headache but in no time it’ll all become second nature.

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Your Pledge Class

A pledge class can be full of many different personalities. It may take a while to learn whose who and how everyone operates. Your first few gatherings might be a little awkward too, just because everyone is first meeting are suppose to be friends but it takes a while to get to know them. In the end, most of the time your pledge class turns out to be your best friends and every time you see one of them on campus you’re just like:

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Basically you’re just standing there, very confused about what’s going on, just smiling and nodding. But basically, it ends up being a celebration for you, which is always fun.

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The Next Semester

And just like that, there’s the next set of new girls. That means you’re not considered the cute, little ones any more. But that’s alright, your big will still love you and you’ll probably get a little to spoil.

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Senior Send Offs

Every sorority has some sort of tradition for the seniors. For me, it may be one of the most depressing things a senior could go through. When you’re a freshman, you just sit there like “why do they do this to themselves?”

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Then all of the sudden, you’re a junior and your big graduates and a few tears are shed:

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Then, in a blink of an eye, you’re a senior about to graduate and you just want to hide from it all.

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When you first join a sorority, you would never realize how big of a part it will be in your life. It definitely is a roller coaster but the ride is worth it. A quote I like to use to describe it is “From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it.” It truly is not just for four years, but for life.

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Are you ready to join Greek Life?