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It’s not always easy to go home for Thanksgiving break. Your college could be several time zones away, maybe money is tight, or that evil professor finally went full-on Sauron and assigned a 10-page paper due the Monday after. But Turkey Day is definitely feasible, even if you’re not with Mom/Dad/siblings/loud cousins/racist grandparents – and it can be really enjoyable. Here are some tips to enjoy your Thanksgiving break away from home.

1. Ask campus resources if they’re hosting a dinner for students who aren’t going home.

Universities all over the U.S. have large foreign student populations. Your school is probably hosting a dinner for these and other students, so check on the details, and ask if you can help cook and/or set up. Then head over for a meal with a diverse crowd. Free food, new friends, no relatives: sounds like an excellent Thanksgiving to me.

Surviving Thanksgiving Break On Campus

Now that you know have some international student friends…

2. Invite them to your dorm/apartment for an old-school crafts party.

Distribute construction paper and paints, and teach everyone the hand-print turkey tradition.

Surviving Thanksgiving Break On Campus

Take a field trip to third grade with your new friends; who knows, maybe crafts’ hour will become a new dorm tradition!

3. There is no lack of famous Thanksgiving TV episodes.

‘Mad About You,’ ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘The Cosby Show,’ and ‘Friends’ are only a few of the shows which feature family, food and Pilgrims as comedic fodder. Fire up Netflix and settle into your favorite pajamas.

Surviving Thanksgiving Break On Campus

Feeling lonely this Thanksgiving? Join the ‘Peanuts’ crew for some old-school childhood dysfunction.

4. And if you’d rather just have a long weekend to yourself…

…say hello to the fam via Skype, then raid the piggy bank, and help the economy by going Black Friday shopping. On Monday morning, you’ll be recharged, be done with Christmas shopping, and you can muster your angriest glare to that evil prof as you hand in your annotated 10-page paper. Don’t worry, he’ll get his.

Surviving Thanksgiving Break On Campus

Do you have any tips for fellow students stuck on campus for Thanksgiving break?