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Melissa Scott is the University of New Haven CampusRiot Representative

In the dorm room:

1. There is no such thing as a “non-sensitive” smoke detector!

Well, you can just take my word for that one. The University of New Haven has some dormitory buildings with more sensitive detectors than others. One time when I was a freshman, steam from the shower set off one of my detectors. Yes, that happened. Always be cautious.

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2. The popcorn button on microwaves is a scam!

Every bag of popcorn is different. There are different brands, sizes, and amounts. It either doesn’t pop the corn enough or it completely burns the whole bag.

3. Speaking of food, storm alerts big or small, YOU MUST STOCK-UP!

For all other schools located in the Northeast, you know exactly what I am talking about. The weather is extremely unpredictable. If you hear news of even the slightest storm rain or snow, you go to the store and stock up on food and other essentials. If you don’t, well you will be sorry. Been there, done that.

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4. Unless you live close, pack all of your extreme weather gear!

This includes rainboots, rain coats, sweaters and sweatshirts galore, snow pants, and snow gloves. Trust me, you will need it all. It does not hurt to be prepared. You never know when you have to trek through several inches of snow or step in puddles.

Campus life:

5. Get involved! Seriously!

Even if you weren’t the type in high school to get involved, college is your clean slate. Have a passion? There’s a club or organization for it, and if not, you can make it! Even though they say, “better late than never”, don’t wait until your junior year to like I did. You’ll regret it.

6. Make use of the library on campus!

You will honestly be amazed at how much work you will get done. All distractions are eliminated. It’s there for a reason; don’t feel like a “nerd” for wanting to go.

7. Study Study Study!

Since I mentioned the palace of studying, my next tip is to study. Tests big and small will all require reviewing the material. High school might have been a breeze, however, college is a whole new world. Make the most of it and study hard. You will be satisfied with the outcome.

The overall experience:

8. Go out – But don’t overdo it!

School is not just about learning. It is acceptable to have fun and it is often encouraged. It’s okay to let loose, just be smart about it. The University of New Haven especially is just a cost free shuttle ride to some lively 18 and over nightclubs. While it is a great time, there is no need to go every day of the weekend. You’ll burn out, I promise you.

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9. Never drink on a night when you have class the next day!

It seems like common sense right? Wrong. There might be a big game on and all your friends are getting together to watch it and drink. Don’t! Maybe your friends do not have classes on Fridays and want to go out for a night on the town but you have class. It’s seriously better to not go. If you chose to go, going out SOBER is okay. In fact, it’s highly recommended. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time.

10. Make mistakes – Embrace them!

Some choices you make in and out of the classroom life will not be the best. You might decide that you don’t need to study for that exam or you might lock lips with a perfect stranger. Mistakes happen. The best way to learn is to make mistakes and to grow from them. It’s all part of the process.

CampusRiot does not promote underage drinking. Please Drink responsibly.

Do you think our tips can help you survive? 

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