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Syllabus Week: 10 Back To School Memes

Everyone’s winter break is different, but at this point, most students are either returning to school next week, or have just recently gone back. With a new semester brings new classes, new friends (hello, transfer students!), new books (ugh), new experiences, maybe even a new dorm depending on how your school works, and last but not least, the somehow simultaneously best and worst part of the semester outside of exams week – syllabus week. Yes, the dreaded syllabus week, where students find out if their new professors are good or evil, whether or not they’ll have one exam or 5, and just how important attendance really is (yikes!) For some, syllabus week is the easiest – no homework, no quizzes, and full of free time to catch up with their friends. For others, it’s not such a wonderful time. Regardless, syllabus week is just another part of the college experience, and what better way to celebrate it than with memes? So, without further ado, here are 10 back to school memes to help you through!

Are you ready for syllabus week? Did you already make it out alive?

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