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A very popular Twitter account called KU Boobs is now facing legal action from the University of Kansas. What for? Well, it’s not what you think. The school is claiming “trademark infringement” – nothing to do with the sexual nature of the page.

If you don’t know what KU Boobs is, it’s a Twitter page (and the inspiration behind the “#Boobment” that was all over college news a few months ago) dedicated to pictures of busty girls wearing University of Kansas gear/clothing and showing off their cleavage.

The page apparently does a lot to raise money and awareness for breast cancer, but something tells me its followers don’t go looking for its cause – they come for the ta tas. I say this because the pictures that are shared are highly sexual in nature and while the women sharing their photos seem to be proud of doing so (and there’s nothing wrong with that, so long as they’re okay with the fact that their boobs are now searchable on the Internet) the followers can be a little crude in their replies – unfortunately, that’s to be expected when you throw boobs around all over the Internet.

Many of KU Boobs’ 61,000+ followers seem to think that the University of Kansas is upset and going after them due to the sexual nature of the page, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, KU seems to be totally fine with the vast amount of somewhat-anonymous breasts proudly but barely wearing their logo/name. After all, it’s advertising their school to thousands of hormonally-charged college boys (who are probably filling out applications or transfer forms to KU as we speak…) In fact, Jim Marchiony, the school’s associate athletic director, seemed to be quite fine with it. (Just check out this article from Mashable for his tweets.)

The real problem is that KU Boobs apparently sold wristbands and other merchandise with the school’s trademark on them. So, tweeting out risque pictures is fine – they just can’t profit off of it (even if all the proceeds are going to charity.) The school recently sent the page a cease-and-desist letter and required them to take action by today. In the mean time, many of KU Boobs’ loyal followers fought abreast (pun intended) tweeting out more and more pictures with the hashtag “#savekuboobs” – and as it turned out today, it seems that KU Boobs has in fact, been saved. The page can continue tweeting on and accepting donations, but they can’t sell any more merchandise that infringes on the school’s trademark.

In the words of the KU Jayhawks, “Rock chalk!” Or something like that…

What are your thoughts on the #Boobment?