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Did you cry when you turned 11 and you didn’t get your Hogwarts acceptance letter? Have you long dreamed of taking classes like Potions or Charms? Well, then you’re in luck, because guess what…

you're a wizard harry gif(gif via)

Just kidding. But just because you’re not, doesn’t mean  you can’t go to Hogwarts.

No, that wasn’t a joke. You can actually attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry… online. At Hogwarts is Here, a fan-made website, you can enroll in 9-week courses, complete with online textbooks, homework assignments, papers, tests, and yes, even real grades. The best part is, it’s all free. How? Who knows — it’s magic. You can finally get that Hogwarts acceptance letter after all. (I’m waiting for my owl as I write this, actually.)

According to the website, “Students are now able to enroll at Hogwarts, beginning as a first year taking necessary courses like Charms and Potions, and progressing through years until you complete all seven years of academics.” By completing assignments and participating in Hogwarts trivia quizzes, you can even earn points for your house or collect chocolate frog cards at random. There are also virtual “dorms” as well as clubs that you can join and a student-run newspaper called The Daily Owl.

Oh, and by the way, there are no due dates, so you can become a master witch or wizard on your own time schedule and you don’t have to worry about being ‘too busy’ to participate.

If you’ve been wondering what you’re going to do this summer (and you’re not planning on traveling abroad or doing an internship) and if you love Harry Potter (subtract the “if” because we all know you do) then I think it’s time you get your wand and hit the books. It may not count towards your degree (the FAQ says that, “Credits are only valid between other Wizarding Institutions. Sorry!” so you’re out of luck there) but it might just be the best summer school experience you could ever ask for. What are you waiting for? Go here to enroll!

See you in Potions class!