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Something I want but have never had?  Well, a lot of things, but ESPECIALLY long hair.  Ever since I was a little kid I wanted long hair and often had temper tantrums because my hair was short.  It got long-ish at one point until I got my first flat iron in 7th grade and started waking up extra early everyday to straighten my hair.  What’s even worse is I didn’t put anything in to protect it! What was I thinking?! So of course I started to get a lot of split ends and never cut my hair so when I did, I would have to get more than I wanted off.  After 7th grade,  I continued down the path of flat ironing my hair, getting split ends, and then having to get a lot cut off.  I used to pick my split ends in class ALL THE TIME. I’d be lying if I said I don’t anymore, but I have gotten better.  I just look at my ends and become appalled that my strand of hair could split so many times so I think to myself, “Oh you have got to go.” Which is of course TERRIBLE for your hair.  I keep using caps lock and I’m sorry, I’m just passionate.  Okay, so fast forward to this past Thanksgiving, I was whining to my cousin who is a hair stylist and she tells me, “Gab, you have to trim your hair more often.”  It was then that I decided to get my life and my hair together.  I then started doing some research to help grow my hair out and I’ve found some good tips.

1. Cut yo’ hair

Some people say cutting your hair will make your hair grow faster.  I want to smack them.  Cutting your hair does not make it grow faster, however, regularly trimming your hair will make it look like your hair is growing faster because you don’t have any split ends ruining your life.  When your hair grows and it’s damaged, the split ends are going to keep splitting, there’s no stopping them.  Your hair won’t look healthy and hair will keep breaking off.  Another thing,  NOTHING will get rid of split ends except a trim.  Products will make it look like you have less, but they’re still there.  Don’t let them those suckers fool you!  Anyway, cut your hair, guys.  I get my hair trimmed every 8-12 weeks depending how bad I need a hair cut.

2.  Biotin

You know all those hair, skin, and nails vitamins that drugstores sell?  They all have biotin.  Instead of buying those vitamins, I like to go straight to the good stuff.  All the research I have done says biotin may help with hair loss and brittle nails.  I am just trying to get long hair, but if you want to give me nice nails, I am not going to complain!

3. Coconut Oil

I’m not talking about creams that say they have coconut oil in them, I’m talking straight out the coconut into the jar oil.  Look for organic and unrefined for the best kind.  It should be white-clearish and should smell pleasant.  I actually hate the smell, but most of the people I know love it.  I like the smell of fake coconut I guess you could say.  I have noticed way less damaged to my hair since I started using coconut oil. Once a week I put coconut oil in my hair as a treatment.  I put some in focusing mainly on my ends and I leave it in for at least an hour, sometimes I leave it in overnight, depends how much time I have.  I then wash my hair and condition as usual.  I also use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.  My hair is really dry and sulfates dry your hair out so yeah, they have to go.  I also read that sulfates are common ingredients in household cleaning products, no thanks!  The only difference with sulfate-free shampoo is that it doesn’t produce the bubbly lather we have all known and love to associate with ‘clean.’  If you’re trying to grow your hair long like a mermaid like I am, you must try coconut oil.

4.  Patience

One last thing, BE PATIENT!  It’s not going to grow 8 inches overnight! Trust me, I know, I prayed for it and didn’t happen.

What Are Your Hair Care Tips?

image via Getty/Kevin Winter