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— Abby Brinn, Staff Writer

Abby Brinn CampusRiot Staff Writer

Abby Brinn

Staff Writer

Abby Brinn is a recent graduate of Drew “It’s Near New York” University, where she was an English Major and a Writing Minor.  In case her parents, any professors, or future employers are reading this, Abby spends 90% of her time in the library and has never been drunk.  In reality, Abby is a bit of an academic overachiever, probably because her greatest educational influence is Hermione Granger.  Now that she has graduated, she hopes to get a job in writing, editing, or publishing. Basically, her dream is to become David Sedaris or Virginia Woolf, but she’s content to end up as Liz Lemon.

Abby is a snarkypuss, and her hobbies include being cynical and sarcastic on a regular basis. Abby also has a strange, inexplicable affinity for cats, even though she has never owned one.  She is very good at curling up in sunny places, which is why she thinks she would make an excellent cat in her next life. Abby prides herself in the fact that she looks like Joey Ramone, but her favorite band is probably The Beatles or Green Day.  She has a large collection of books, which is only outnumbered by her collection of socks, and her favorite sock pattern is argyle.