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Alex Jose, Staff Writer

Alex Jose
Staff Writer 

Alex Jose is a quirky girl who enjoys spending her time writing and dreaming of desserts. As an aspiring Pastry Chef, Alex is studying Baking and Pastry Arts with a concentration in Food Service Entrepreneurship at Johnson and Wales University. She hopes to one day own her own cafe or bakery (or work in some snazzy hotel like the Ritz-Carlton).

Besides writing articles for CampusRiot and experimenting in the kitchen, Alex loves to sit down with a good book or lounge on the couch as she madly types away her own short stories. Alex also dabbles in art and draws from time to time. She loves Art History as well and has nerdy freak out sessions about the art styles she likes. But don’t tell her modern art is art. Other than that, Alex is a fan of k-pop, lover of all things turtle-related, and should never be given a can of Coca-Cola.