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Brittney Helmrich, Editor-in-Chief

Brittney Helmrich


Brittney M. Helmrich recently graduated from Drew University, a tiny liberal arts college located in the vast forest of Madison, New Jersey, where she had to fight off crazy squirrels to pursue her dreams. Her professors think she spent all of her time reading history books and writing memoirs, but let’s be real here: as a 3-year Resident Assistant and a girl with some totally insane friends, Brittney had no free time and has no idea how she got all her work done.

Since the 7th grade, Brittney has been fascinated by the Cold War – her favorite Dr. Seuss book is The Butter Battle Book and she totally nerds out when anyone talks about nuclear weapons. She is a vegetarian who has an almost unhealthy obsession with shoes and makeup, a soft spot for giraffes and sting rays, and a serious addiction to Pinterest. When she’s not managing CampusRiot, Brittney can most likely be found on a train somewhere, tweeting about her crazy, awkward life.