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— Chris Pumphrey, Staff Writer

Christopher Pumphrey Staff Writer CampusRiot

Chris Pumphrey

Staff Writer

Christopher Pumphrey recently graduated from Drew University, a small liberal arts college nestled in the forest of Madison, New Jersey.  He managed to graduate with a degree in Political Science and a minor in History.  Chris is currently underemployed with two part-time jobs in addition to writing weekly sports articles for CampusRiot.

Since college, Chris has become incessantly consumed with national politics and can often be found reading up on current political issues.  But his true love is most definitely sports.  Growing up, Chris played a vast number of different sports–admittedly, he was better at some than others.  He was always very competitive with his older brother and attributes much of his love for sports to him.  Chris likes to think of himself as a sports aficionado, both college and professional, and is a sucker for statistics and loves analyzing games, regardless of the sport.