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Robbie Williford, Staff Writer

Robbie Williford
Staff Writer

Robbie Williford is a senior at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan (not California). He is currently studying English and is very interested in the literature of the world. Robbie serves as the Vice President of the Student Congress at OU and has dedicated his collegiate time to representing the students. He also is a social media intern for Challenge Detroit, which is an initiative that is centered around attracting and retaining the brightest and best around the nation to Detroit to live, work, play, and give. When Robbie isn’t doing all of that, he can be found working out, reading, writing, or perfecting his to-do list.

Some of Robbie’s other interests include writing reminders for himself on sticky notes and putting them everywhere, learning how to become a better leader, watching or performing spoken-word poetry, or doing things that inspire him. He believes that words and ideas can change the world.