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Sireena Sy, Staff Writer

Sireena Sy
Staff Writer 

Sireena Sy is currently attending the University of California, Riverside — a public research university located in Southern California. Representing the class of 2015, her chosen major is biochemistry, but she also has a passion for medicine, political science, and languages. It is her goal to one day attend medical school and become a respected doctor.

Sireena is a girl full of surprises and often considers herself a jack-of-all-trades, albeit a master of none. Outside of CampusRiot, Sireena enjoys music and plays the piano, ukulele, and guitalele, with various degrees of mastery. She is also an amateur singer and rapper in her spare time.

It should also be known she has a profound love for tofu, glow-in-the dark paint, sneakers, and the written word.