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120 Sports is a brand new app that covers tons of different sports all in one place. Not only does it show live stats of games, it also has high lights, current trending topics, analysis and discussion of different sports and individual athletes.

If you are sports fan, then this new app is definitely going to make you happy. Instead of having a different app for the NBA, MLB, and NHL, all the stats, info and live coverage is in one place.

There are also archives of on demand videos that you can watch of your favorite sports, teams, and players.

There is a “Timeline” button that you click to watch live coverage or use to catch up on events that you may have just missed. The “Catch up” button gives you an inside scoop on the hot topics that are occurring in sports that day or more information that you missed in order to keep up with the latest news. The “Trending” button keeps track of the subjects, players, teams, or stories that other people are talking about within 120 Sports. Finally, there are “interactive data cards” that allow you to watch videos, read stories, go deeper into a topic that interests you and have conversations with other viewers.

The more you use 120 Sports, the more it caters to your tastes as to what kinds of sports, teams, and players you want to keep up with.

When you open the app, headlines of different sports stories appear in a simple clean cut layout that you can click to watch. Each of the videos are two minutes long–hence the name 120 sports. You can watch the videos wherever you are which is handy because if you are at the library, walking home from class, staying at work late, you have all of this information at your finger tips!

The sports world is quickly moving and hard to keep up with. This is the first app that has combined many different leagues and sports and made it accessible and all in one place. If you are a sports fan (or need to brush up on sports stories to impress) than this is definitely the app for you.


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Will you download 120 Sports?

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