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Thanks to apps, there are so many things that your phone can do. Timing your runs, finding deals on clothes, and sharing pictures of your weekend adventures with friends is the beginning of the never ending list of things your phone can do. Since your phone has so many apps for fun stuff, isn’t it time for it to do some work? There are dozens of apps for both iOS and Android devices that you can use to help make your job search more successful. These five apps are a good place to start.

Job Search by, Free

Indeed Jobs App has the largest database of jobs you can find on the interet, 15 million. The job search app harness all the power of their website and brings it to your phone or tablet. It has an average rating of stars and is available in 28 different languages. This app has remebers your job searches and let’s you apply from your phone.It can also let you know how many employers looked at your resume, creates a free account that you can also use on their website and lets you search by job title and location simoutaneously.

JobMo, Free

JobMo App

JobMo combines the power of all the job search databases and gives you information salaries and trends for your desired job. Some of the job search engines that JobMo uses’ are Monster, The Ladders, Indeed, and Simply Hired. This app also lets you apply for jobs start from the app and get hard to find information on specific companies. Soon this app will also be available for Windows and Blackberry phones.

Pocket Resume, $2.99

Pocket Resume Pro App

Pocket resume is an app create to create, modify, and share your resume right from your phone. It also works on tablets and mp3 players. This app gives you multiple style options to design your resume and saves it as a pdf document. Although this app is not free, it will be worth the $3 when you can immediately send someone your resume at the next job fair if they aren’t accepting paper versions.

101 HR Interview Questions, Free

101 Interview Questions and Answers App

Acing the job interview is just as important as your resume and cover letter.This application give you a chance to practices the commonly asked interview questions. The average rating for this app is 4.5 stars and its has received a lot of reviews singing its praises. All the questions are broken down into categories so you can strategically practice. Some of these categories include common questions, personal development, and feedback.

What are your favorite career apps?