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I find that when I am at school, I forget to read the news. Although I am with thousands of people, I still feel as though I am in a bubble. I don’t really pay attention to things happening outside my school and feel very isolated from the world. I need news that will tell me in a couple sentences what happened and why it is important to know. There are apps that have both full news articles as well summarized articles tailored to your interests.

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There are obviously apps such as CNN, BBC, NPR, NYTimes, etc. These are informative, but may be wordy and take time to read, or less likely to cover all headlines worldwide and may be more selective.


This is a great app because it is like a customized magazine with all of your interests, news, as well as social media feed. It is clear and easy to use.

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to keep up on the latest of everything. Incredibly customizable, easy to use, beautiful transitions and fun. This is the first and last app I use each day. Keeps all the news and my interests consolidated in one spot.” -Review


This app filters the best, most relevant news and headlines. As you use it more, it tailors its headline choices to fit your interests best, depending on your social media feed, what you have clicked on, etc, into a page that is completely altered to your taste.


This is a newer app that puts all top world headlines as well as weather into one place.

Personally, one of my choices is Newser. It is not very well known, but I really like it because it is headline news completely summarized into one or two paragraphs that are easily readable and accessible. The headlines update constantly and it is extremely easy to use, with pictures as well.

What is your favorite news app?

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