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Planning on traveling abroad any time soon? Looking for a place to stay in a foreign country or at the beach? Airbnb is a great resource to have. They have listings for apartments, lofts and even castles in 34,000 cities.

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Airbnb is a great solution and alternative if you don’t want to pay for an expensive hotel or stay in a hostel.

If you are studying abroad in Europe, for example and you are going to be traveling a lot every weekend, but want to be able to have your own space and feel at home, the people who have listings on Airbnb are ready for guests. Whether it is their summer or winter home, their weekend home, or they are traveling while you are there, they are ready to have guests. They will usually have appliances that allow you to cook for yourself, which can save money and time that you use when you eat out.

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You also have the option of either taking time to make your reservation and getting to know the host of your accommodation or you can instantly book!

The mobile app is great to have, especially if you are abroad, because you can quickly enter your travel info (dates, number of guests, etc) and find spaces to stay all in the palm of your hand!

You can rate hosts and hosts can rate you as a guest, you can easily book, and verify if a person is real or see if they are verified. You can plan far ahead or very short notice and there are really unique places that you can stay such as houseboats, treehouses, etc. It is so much more inexpensive than staying in a hotel, and if you choose to be a host, it’s a great and simple way to make money if you travel for long periods of time or have extra space. You can use it for long or short term stays as well!

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