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One of the best parts about having an iPhone was that no matter where you went you didn’t have to work that hard to find a charger. As long as one of your friends or colleagues had an iPhone or iPod someone had one of those handy cords lying around. Then they released the iPhone 5 and even though it is lightning fast, the port where you plug it in is different. Suddenly iPhone 5 users had to always make sure they had their charger with them or buy an small adapter so 30 pin cords would work on their phones too. Life became more difficult for iPhone 5 users.

It was this exact struggle that inspired the guys at Arriba Design to develop an adapter that wasn’t a pain to carry around, and could solve all your charging problems. Whether you found yourself in a room of iPhone 3/4 users or Android (gasp!) users, you could still bum a charge off them.┬áThe super thin adapter can fit on a keychain and makes it so that an iPhone 5 can be charged by the old 30 pin model charger or a mini USB which is what Android phones use to charge.

Arriba adapter kickstarter iphone 5

Currently the product is unavailable, but Arriba is using Kickstarter to raise money to fund the project. Arriba has developed some successful iPhone accessories in the past including iBottleopener, an iPhone case with a built in bottle opener, and Juicebuddy which is a compact charger. They are also interested in releasing Juicebuddy for the iPhone 5.

This product is definitely something that could be really handy for iPhone 5 users and could make the phone just as universal as the former models. They exceeded their goal of $8,500 by their deadline of July 3r,d so it looks like this product could be in the works. iPhone 5 users rejoice!

arriba adapter iphone 5 kickstarter

What iPhone 5 accessory are you hoping comes out soon?

All photos via Arriba’s Kickstarter