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Have you ever gone a date so horrible that you literally wished someone important would call you so that you would have an excuse to remove yourself from the torture? Many of us go into such potential disastrous situations prepared. We all have that go-to best friend who we tell to be ready to text us all night because we’re going on a date and have no idea if the guy is going to be a secret ax murderer.

Well, we can’t always depend on our besties to bail us out. They have lives too and as much as you wish that the well-being of your love life is a top priority of hers, it’s not. She has her own to worry about.

That’s why today’s Tech Tuesday feature, Dorothy, could very well come in handy. This app allows you to call yourself with just a few clicks of your heels. Get it? It’s like Dorothy. From the Wizard of Oz. But this is the 21st century and clicking your heels could get you out of a Tinder date gone wrong instead of taking you back to a place called Kansas.


(gif via iStrategyLabs)

The app works with a device called Ruby, a small Bluetooth micro-controller that you can stick in your shoe. You can pre-program the app to call your personal device when you click your heels three times. So, no need to tell Becky to be on-call to ring you at 8:30pm sharp. You can call yourself and get out of whatever horrible situation you may be in on your own terms.

Dorothy and Ruby are able to service you in other ways, too. You can also program the app to call Uber, text your friends your location, and even order a pizza.

This all sounds too good to be true. ESPECIALLY the part where all I have to do is click my heels three times and boom a pizza is on its way to me? Um, okay. If that’s the case then I will probably abuse this app until I don’t want pizza anymore. LOL I will always want pizza until the end of time. Dorothy, you could potentially be my new best friend.


What would you use Dorothy for?

(featured image via iStrategyLabs)