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What exactly is a Fitbit One?

Well, it is a tiny rectangular shaped device that acts as a pedometer as well as a calorie counter, clock and much more. There are several different products made by Fitbit, such as the Flex, the Zip, the Force and the Aria. They all vary in price and how they work, but I am here to tell you about the Fitbit One. This tiny piece of technology has a lot of power. There is a small button that you push in order to get from one screen to the next and each screen has a different piece of information. It tells you how many steps you have walked, how many calories you have burned, the distance you have walked in miles (or kilometers), how many sets of stairs you have walked up (or hills), the current time and a flower that grows or shrinks depending on how active you are currently. You can also track your sleep with the device.

Fitbit Devices

Where does all this information go?

The Fitbit One comes with a few accessories. One of them is a bluetooth device that plugs into a USB outlet in your computer and syncs the information from the Fitbit onto your computer. You log in online to you Fitbit Dashboard and see the results. On this dashboard you can also log your food and any other activities that you have done throughout the day. It saves all of this information and tracks your progress. There is a Fitbit app so that you can log on the go as well as bluetooth information straight to your phone to keep track when you are away from your computer.

Fitbit and Accessories

Why should you get a Fitbit One?

If you are looking for ways to be more active, this is an extremely productive way to get you moving. As soon as I bought mine, I walked so much more, made more of an effort to walk instead of drive places, to go up and down the stairs more than necessary and just to increase my overall activity. Instead of having a friend drive me to class, I would choose to walk. I would go the longer way instead of the shortcut. I am also competing with a family member who has one. On the dashboard, her progress (steps and mileage) show up in comparison to mine and rank us according to our activity. A little friendly competition is always a good form of motivation to get you out there and moving around.


Anything else you need to know?

The device gives you cheers and motivation throughout the day such as Keep on Moving, [Your Name]! which is encouraging and sometimes humorous.It also gives you awards and achievements and goals. I have reached Skydiving height from the amount of stairs that I have climbed. The Fitbit costs $99.99, but it has a long lasting battery (you only need to charge it once a week) and provides you with motivation, increases your activity, makes fitness fun, and tells you a lot of information about how active your body is being.

Fitbit One pants

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Would you get a Fitbit one?

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