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Finally, something to answer our prayers! Why is it that we feel like we make more spelling mistakes while we’re writing by hand than when we’re typing? Thankfully, a new Kickstarter project has been launched, seemingly empathizing with our modern day dillemmas. Dubbed the “Lernstift” – German for “learning” pen” – this pen will hopefully help rid you of those common mistakes.

The Lernstift is essentially designed to provide feedback to the user in form of “vibrations”. While you’re writing away on paper, the Lernstift pen will check for spelling errors and vibrate if it detects a mistake. Its built-in software traces written words methodically for now, but the pair of German inventors behind this project are hoping that this technology will eventually lead to the ability to detect grammatical errors as well.

Lernstift Spell Check Digital Pen Tech Tuesday 2

How does it work? We wish we could explain it more thoroughly, but nfortunately, the engineers in us have failed. However, we’re very impressed! This high-tech pen is said to have a built-in sensor that recognizes writing movements and can track the shape of letters to recognize words. Once a a word has been recognized (or not) the pen will “express” whether or not you have made a mistake by either staying silent or vibrating.

In order for the rather small device to have the ability do this, the insides of the pen have to pretty intricate right? The pen is equipped with a mini “computer”. In this case the software is a Linux system, containing a motion sensor, processor, memory (RAM), Wi-Fi, and vibrators. How is it all powered? Luckily, only one battery is needed! We wonder if batteries will be included…

Lernstift Spell Check Digital Pen Tech Tuesday 4

But, hey, beggars can’t be choosers right? Batteries or not, we’re impressed nonetheless. It’s wild to think that such a small device can be so powerful!

In addition, not only will the Lernstift pen be savvy enough to correct you, but it will have great memory too. Thanks to Wi-Fi, what you write can be recorded and saved to the destination of your choosing. Talk about never losing class notes again…

Lernstift Spell Check Digital Pen Tech Tuesdayc 3

Due to its complexity, making this dream a reality and selling to the mass is no cheap endeavor. Lernstift’s Munich- based team is looking to raise approximately $180,000 on Kickstarter for its production and further development.

Check out designers Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher’s Kickstarter vid below!

Do you think this digital pen will be your saving grace?

All images courtesy of Lernstift’s Kickstarter page.