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When you think of Nintendo, you probably think of playing Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros on your vintage N64 that you got for Christmas back in 2000. Well, that’s what I associate the brand with, anyway (obviously Christmas ‘oo was the best EVER).

Well, now the consumer electronics company is developing a device that can track your sleep. This means that the device will be able to track people’s fatigue levels and “map their sleep” without having to make physical contact with them. As college students, would we even want to know our fatigue levels? Like, we get it. We don’t sleep as much as we should. Do I really need this little device to rub it in my face?

Maybe we should consider putting our stubbornness aside. Personally, I’m probably exhausted more often than not because of my jam-packed schedule full of classes, interning, and homework. It may be kind of cool to know how much sleep my body really needs vs. how much it’s actually getting. The device would not just be made by video game makers, after all. Nintendo is partnering with ResMed Inc., a medical equipment company that specializes in making devices that help track and treat sleep disorders.  So, this could actually be a trustworthy device that could give reliable information. The tech world we live in is getting so smart it’s kinda scary.


(image via Huffington Post)

The device will be about the “size of a hand” and can sit wireless on one’s bedside table. From the information it gathers from your sleeping patterns, it will be able to give you advice on how to get a better night’s sleep. Now, this is something I really like. For example, the machine would tell you to try lying on your left side, among other positions that it would think your body would benefit from. Well, can the machine also tell me how to sleep through my roommate’s snoring? Or how to beat insomnia? Hey Nintendo, this is a hint from every college student. If these aren’t already features of the device, please help us all out. Sales would go through the roof, trust us.

Nintendo, we really appreciate your efforts on trying to make us healthy. First Wii Fit and now this sleep tracking device? We were perfectly content with the N64, but this new toy may be something we wouldn’t mind adding to our nightstand. Guess we will have to wait to find out in March 2015.


How well do you sleep?