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Walking home alone on campus can be extremely nerve wracking. Whether your campus is large or small, known to be safe, or in a dangerous area, walking alone at night can always be scary.

SafeTrek is an amazing and extremely useful app because it keeps track of your safety and responds quickly when you are in danger wherever you are.


[image via safetrakapp]

How does it work?

When you download the app you input your information such as your name, cellphone number and a passcode.

When you are walking alone or feeling unsafe you launch the app and hold down on the safe button. By activating the button you are turning on a GPS tracking device.

You hold down on the button on your phone until you get to your destination (home from the library, for example) and when you let go you type in your passcode.

If you let go of the button and don’t type your passcode in within ten seconds, the police are notified and help is on the way. They know where you are because of the GPS.


[image via kansan]

Lots of campuses have some sort of emergency service such as lighted posts with phones that directly call the police, but that is not always available and accessible when you are in danger or in an emergency. This is completely accessible and convenient to use so that in a time of an emergency you aren’t panicking to get out your phone and dial 911.  Even if you never have to use it, it is something extremely smart and practical to have available at all times. Make your walks home alone much safer by downloading this app.

Reviews have said that “this app should be mandatory on every iPhone” and that “with this app I feel much safer walking back to my dorm from a night class” and people have made great suggestions that perhaps will give additional aspects should be added such as voice and camera recordings of the situation at hand for future investigation and identification.

We strongly recommend this free app!!

Would you download SafeTrek?

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